Ah, Idaho. What beautiful treasures you hold. The lovely pine trees, the abundant wildlife, a spider-like parasite that takes control of your brain. This mission began like most do, with a disappearance. Then another one and another one and another one. The agents started with a quick stop at McDonald's and a trip to the local police station. Posing as the FBI, the agents were able to examine the body of one Richard Sully, one of the missing people. He had scar tissue around his eyes and, after some analysis in the mobile lab, an unidentified chemical coursing through his veins.


After interviewing several witnesses to another disappearance, the agents went to where the eye witnesses reported seeing "a strange man", the local state park featuring a conveniently horrible name, Hell's Gate. Meanwhile, a murder happened outside a Papa Murphy's with the phrase "He shall redeem us" on the alley wall. After holding a gun up to a park ranger and threatening him, it was revealed that he was part of a cult gathering around a leader infected with the spider parasite. Some people got tranquilized, Agent Monize shit himself, and two days later, everything was okay. Except for the fact that not much was actually found out about the parasite.

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